Tighten the grip on your wallet, as the first round of increase of services for this year begins with gasoline prices. The Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicio Públicos (Aresep) today approved a increase of ¢5 colones for a litre of super gasoline and ¢13 for diesel. Regular drops ¢3.

Once the increase takes effect at the pumps – within the coming week – the price will change from ¢667 to ¢672 for a litre of super gasoline, and diesel from ¢619 to ¢632.  Regular gasoline prices drop from ¢651 to ¢648.

The Aresep said the increase is due to the cold temperatures in North America pushing up the price of crude oil.

In Costa Rica, the price of gasoline is set by the government and distributed to gasoline retailers by the state oil refinery, RECOPE. The price of gasoline is the same at all gasoline outlets across the country.

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