ice-protestIt’s been some time since we’ve seen the “yellow wave” (ICE employees typically dressed in yellow t-shirts) hit the streets in protest for something or other. This time, workers of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) are protesting the number portability issue.

The ICE workers union said that the state telecom employees will walk off the job next Monday.

Number portability allows cellular phone customers to switch carier and keep their phone number. Fabio Chaves, head of the workers union, said that the portability is happening to fast in Costa Rica, some 18 months, when it takes some 10 years in other countries.

Another point of contention is that number portability in Costa Rica will be free to the consumer, the carriers footing the bill every time a customer wants to make a switch. In most countries the consumer is charged a fee for any change in carrier, according to Chaves.

Other issues on the protest agenda are an electricity bill currently before Legislators and the practice of political appointments in top posts at ICE.

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