A close up of an Africanized honeybee or killer bee. Photo: AP Photo
A close up of an Africanized honeybee or killer bee. Photo: AP Photo

Q24N PANAMA – Another bee attack has stung in Latin America, this time in Panama. Killer bees have been terrorizing the residents of the municipality of Loma Bonita in Rio Hato for several months. The swarm, becoming increasingly larger in size, can currently be found on top of a utility pole and a mango tree.

Residents said that they feel imprisoned as they can’t even stand in the doors of their homes without being attacked. They also have to be careful as to not create any noise that may upset the swarm.

The bees have already killed three dogs and several chickens, and adults are now afraid that they will soon start attacking children.

Local residents are scared to move the hive, over fears of getting stung. The Africanized bees venom, can be fatal, and the insects are very aggressive in protecting their hives from even the smallest disturbance.

According to Carlos Navas, a local resident, he has already called the owner of the utility pole to help the community, but the company told him to contact the fire department. The electricity needs to be cut before local authorities can attempt to remove the hive.

Bee incidents in other parts of Latin America

A 79-year-old man in Mexico died on November 27 after killer bees stung him while farming.

Three days later, a primary school in the town of Colonia Las Flores in Southern Mexico experienced another bee attack. Killer bees started stinging students, parents, and bystanders at the Ignacio Zaragoza Elementary School. Panicking, 122 parents and guardians and 175 children locked themselves in classrooms while calling the police. Eleven people were injured and one woman was left unconscious from bee stings. Two beehives were later found near the school.

Killer bees also attacked a family in Argentina on December 4, Friday, killing their dog and seriously injuring 67-year-old Maria Miranda, after trying to save the animal. She received numerous stings on different parts of her body and is now recovering in hospital.

Source: Latincorrespondent.com

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