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Nicolas Maduro (left) and Daniel Ortega holding their hand in the air, while Rosario Murillo (right) stands beside her husband, with a photo of Hugo Chaves in the background. Undated photo from

TODAY NICARAGUA – Nicaragua’s ruling Sandinista Front party reacted with resignation to the Venezuela government defeat occurred in the parliament vote held on Sunday, December 6.

The Front warned that President Nicolás Maduro would face “a complicated situation.”

These were the remarks made by Nicaraguan pro-government Deputy Jacinto Suárez, in charge of the international relations of the party. However, he reposed hope that the triumph of the Venezuelan opposition would not hit the oil supply to his country.

“(Maduro,) will face now a difficult situation by governing with a Parliament in hands of the opposition; this will limit him in many things. However, agreements remain; they have not been repealed and we can continue working with Venezuela in these new conditions,” Suárez told a private TV channel.

In Nicaragua, the coordinadora del Consejo de Comunicación y Ciudadanía, compañera Rosario Murillo Zambrana, said the Venezuelan people lived an exemplary, quiet, peaceful, transparent election day.


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