Hilton Family Denies Owning Property in Costa Rica, Less Involved in Drug Trafficking


COSTA RICA EXTRA – A recent report by Costa Rica’s Diario Extra that the 400 kilos of cocaine and US$1.5 million dollars in cash was seized from the Hilton Costa Rica estate, has sent the Hollywood gossip mill into viral mode.

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The Diario Extra story alleges that the drugs and cash were found during a search of Hilton’s private airstrip, located on the Hilton family ranch in Costa Rica.

Other versions of the story report that Rick and Kathy Hilton were present during the drug bust last month.

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The Gantdaily reports that a representative of the Hilton family spoke to TMZ denying all allegations, saying that they were shocked by the reports and do not even own property in Costa Rica.

The Hilton family is most recognized for their established hotel and real estate business.

Outside of the business, their most prominent family members include socialite sisters, Paris and Nicki Hilton

Sources: Gantdaily; AHN; TMZ. Article from Costa Rica Extra, reposted with permission.

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