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“Had To Go To The Bathroom” Among The Excuses To Evade Paying For Bad Parking

Faced with a ¢52,000 colones parking ticket and maybe even your license plates confiscated, what would be your reason for trying to get out of paying? Let me first explain, in Costa Rica the process of appealing a traffic ticket is by filing and 'impugnacion',...

Bad Parking Can Mean More Than Three Days Wait To Recover Seized Plates

Q COSTA RICA - Drivers who have their vehicle license plates confiscated for parking illegally, such as in 'yellow zones', on sidewalks or other prohibited areas, in addition to having to pay the fine, will have to wait at least three days to recover...

Legislators Approve Bill To Combat “Bad Parking”

Q COSTA RICA - Legislators have set their sights on "bad parking", approving on Thursday in first debate, the bill partially reforming the Traffic Law (Ley de Transito) to fine drivers badly parked. The reform, if it ever reaches final approval, will allow the Traffic...