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If you get an email with subject “factura electrónica”, careful, it could be a scam

With the age of the “factura electrónica” - electronic invoicing or digital invoice -  in Costa Rica, it has giving rise to a niche in electronic fraud. "Hola. Este pago fue aprobado y enviado esta mañana, por favor confirme los detalles del beneficiario y firme....

Scammers Phishing in Netflix

Scammers look for popular platforms in the world for victims, the latest coming to our attention is targeting users of Netflix. The scam works this way: First, users are sent an email or text message alerting them that their service will be temporarily until they...

Can Latin American Governments Keep Up with Cyber Criminals?

(Q24N) Extensive reports have repeatedly underlined Latin America’s vulnerability to cybercrime, an Achilles' heel which organized crime is already capitalizing on and that could develop into a serious security threat in the absence of robust countermeasures. According to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), cybercrime cost...