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Melissa Mora: “They Are Not Implants”

Seldom does Melissa Mora answer her fans, however, this week her patience was tested with a user who questioned her aesthetic surgeries in a hot bikini photo, which she shared on her social networks after a show. The user, identified as unbekantersoldat commented: "In my...

Colombia to ban cosmetic plastic surgery for minors

Colombia’s Congress is about to pass a law that will prohibit controversial cosmetic plastic surgery for minors, who in some cases receive risky breast or buttock implants as young as 15. Apart from reconstructive surgeries or operations required due to physical or psychological ailments, Colombia’s youth will soon have...

Costa Rica Doctors Reconstruct Man’s Penis Using Tissue From His Forearm

QCOSTARICA - Using tissue from an arm, Costa Rican doctors were able to reconstruct a man's penis after losing most of his male organ in an accident. According to the statements of the Quepos resident, who requested anonymity, this now gives him a change at...