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How To Enjoy Your Retirement

Retiring is a fun part of life but can also be nerve-wracking because you’ll no longer be working and in your normal routine. What’s most important is that you try to enjoy these years and make the best of them. Below are tips for how...

Panama vs. Costa Rica: The Real Scoop, Part 2

The cost of living in a particular country is in many cases the most important factor people consider when moving abroad. More often than not, they will select one country over another because it is more affordable or it offers more perqs. However, smart retirees...

Finding Good Meat in Costa Rica–a Continuing Endeavor

Right after I graduated from college a boyfriend took me to a restaurant in New York City to experience eating aged steak after the removal of the mold and grilling to no more than medium. At first I thought, mold, ugh! My mouth still waters...