Evacuation route elaborate by the MOPT from the Turrialba volcano in the event of an emergency.
Evacuation route elaborate by the MOPT  in the event of an emergency at the Turrialba volcano.

QCOSTARICA – The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT) – Ministry of Transport, announced eight evacuation routs in case of an emergency at the Turrialba volcano.

The routes are to allow residents and visitors to the areas of La Pastora, Alto Victoria, Pavones, Cimarrones, Atirro and Tucurrique, the group of communities near the colossus.

The plan was developed by the Dirección de Atención, Prevención y Mitigación de Emergencias y Desastres del MOPT (Directorate of Prevention and Mitigation Disaster Emergency) .

According to the MOPT, the local routes are:

Route 230 from La Pastora to safer places in Turrialba center and/or Cot de Oreamuno.

Route 403 between Pacayas and El Descanso, which connects to the National Route 10.

Route 10 forming core of exit routes, connecting Turrialba with Juan Viñas, Cervantes and the center of Cartago, or in the opposite direction to Siquirres.

Route 415 (only light vehicles) from Turrialba to La Alegría de Siquirres, at the junction with Route 32.

Route 219 that connects the Irazu volcano with Taras, passing through San Juan de Chicua, Tierra Blanca and Cot.

Route 402 traffic channels from public roads that converge in the area, as well as farms connect with this route.

Routes 224 and 225 also added to the list of options, depending on where people live and who could potentially be affected by increased activity of the Turrialba volcano. Places like La Cruzada, Atirro, Tucurrique, the Congo,  Bajos de Urasca and Ujarrás could be use these routes in an emergency.

Important to keep in mind that most of the local routes are narrow and curving roads, few are asphalted. Also, typical of local routes, signage and road markings are few, if any. Ok for locals familiar with the area, not so for visitors, including tourists visiting the area.

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