QCOSTARICA – Eight men and two women make up the Top Ten wanted list in Costa Rica, people wanted by the fugitive section (Sección de Capturas) of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ).

They are wanted for a range of crimes, from aggravated rape to assault with a weapon, drug offences and homicide.

The ten most wanted in the country:


1. Miriam Guillén Vega, sentenced to 15 years for Aggravated Rape.



2. Karla Castillo Cárdenas, sentenced to 5 years for Aggravated Robbery.



3. Marco Vinicio Fernández Vargas, sentenced to 5 years and 6 months for Aggravated Robbery.



4. Fabián Franco Dawkins López, sentenced for Assault With a Weapon.



5. Diego Fernández Quesada, sentenced  for Selling Drugs.



6. Jaime Cartín Bell, sentenced for Aggravated Robbery.



7. Oldemar Solano Carrillo, sentenced to 6 years for Aggravated Robbery.



8. Diego Alemán Medina, sentenced to 10 years and 8 months for Selling Drugs.



9. Fabián Fonseca Barrantes, sentenced for Homicide.



10. Vladimir Daniel Mena Sánchez, sentenced to 5 years for Aggravated Robbery.


If you have information call the OIJ at 800-8000-645 o email at cico_oij@poder-judicial.go.cr

All information will be handled confidentially.

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