Sunday, 12 July 2020

10 points explain the vehicle restriction for Saturday and Sunday

The application of measures is similar to that of Semana Santa; the objective isto try to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 on Father's Day

(QCOSTARICA) Pay close attention. A lot has been written since Friday afternoon on the vehicular restrictions put in place for this weekend, today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday, only.

There is a lot of confusion. Here are the facts in bullet point form:

  1. Today, Saturday, the vehicle restriction will start at 10:00 am. Before that all vehicles will be able to circulate, be it odd or even, for driver reach their destination, that is be it home, work, a beach hotel, mountain resort, whatever.
  2. From 10:00 am Saturday at 5:00 am Monday there will be a TOTAL vehicular restiction throughout the country, except for medical or supply purposes:
  3. On Saturday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, only vehicles with odd-numbered ending plates (1,3,5,7,9) are can circulate to go to supermarkets, grocery stores, corner stores (pulperias), pharmacies, clinics, hospitals or health centers. That is local driving only. You won’t be able to avoid sanctions if get pulled over and try to talk your way out of why you live in Santa Ana and are grocery shopping in Heredia, for example. You can shop for your groceries wherever you like, you can’t drive to wherever that is, you need to stay local.
  4. On Sunday, from 5:00am to 5:00 pm, only vehicles with even-numbered ending plates (0,2,4,6,8) are can circulate. As in #3, you need to stay local.
  5. On Saturday and Sunday, those returning home from a hotel or lodging may circulate towards their home, but must carry the document ie hotel reservation, bill, etc that proves it.
  6. On Saturday and Sunday, vehicles linked to productive activities can circulate, public transport or taxis, and the express food service. If driving to and from work, you must have a convincing employer letter to that effect, which spells out the name and location of the employer, contact, and your work hours.for labor purposes (you must present a letter stating this),
  7. On Monday, June 22, at 5:00 am the (new) normal vehicular restrictions return for weekdays, to 10:00 pm, based on the last digit of the license plate. For example, Mondays for plates ending in 1 and 2 do not circulate.
  8. The cantons and districts on orange alert – that now includes all of Alajuelita and Desamparados, will maintain vehicle restrictions from Monday to Sunday with hours of 5:00 pm to 5:00 am; Meanwhile, from 5:00 am at 5:00 am circulation is based on the last digit of the license plate. For example, Mondays for plates ending in 1 and 2 do not circulate.
  9. The districts on orange alert are: Peñas Blancas (San Ramón), Los Chiles (Los Chiles), La Fortuna de San Carlos and Paquera (Puntarenas).
  10. The orange alert cantons are: Alajuelita, Desamparados, Upala and Pococí.

The entire country is under yellow alert

- paying the bills -

On Friday, 119 more cases of COVID-19 were reported over the previous day, for a total of 2,058 cases.

The worrisome is the increase in the number of hospitalized, 29, the highest to date.

Violating the vehicular restrictions this weekend or at any other time is sanctioned with a ¢110,000 colones fine, six points on the driver’s license (meaning driver-ed course on renewal), and seizure of license plate and/or vehicle.

Don’t drive this weekend unless you really, really have to. If you need to go out, outside the vehicular restrictions for your vehicle, have a good reason for doing so, like taking someone to the emergency room (they should be in your vehicle), or any other convincing story or face the sanctions. Needing to go pick up your food order may not be enough.

Buses and taxis are permitted to circulate without restrictions.

- paying the bills -

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

Thanks for listening.

"Rico" is the crazy mind behind the Q media websites, a series of online magazines where everything is Q! In these times of new normal, stay at home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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