2017 Tamarindo Art Wave set for November


The Tamarindo Art Foundation, a non-profit NGO with big goals for the community, is in the early stages of planning this year’s Tamarindo Art Wave, the vie-day festival that presents the works of various artists for viewing and in some cases personal participation.

The theme for this year is En-Light and will take place November 29-December 3.


After successfully presenting a variety of painters, sculptors, musicians and dancers last year, the Tamarindo Art Wave fulfilled its goal to diversify the image of Tamarindo, which has a reputation for surfing and partying. Organizers believe that their event promoted the town as a destination famous for cultural events, with its art galleries and presentations that allowed visitors to interact in a way not previously available.

The festival brings in a higher economic demographic, those 25 years of age and older, as well as families. In addition, the Tamarindo Art Wave is launched during the low season, in order to create extra business for the town during its weaker economic seasons.

One of the goals of the 2017 edition of the Tamarindo Art Wave is to attract even more people to participate in the event.

“Through the specific activities, including a special one that will be a world premiere, we are trying mainly to give Tamarindo international publicity in the field of the arts combined with innovative technology,” explained Griet Depypere, a member of the Tamarindo Art Foundation. “We want to keep this still a secret. The theme of this year’s festival is En-Light. So this way we want to put Tamarindo on the map of the world attracting more visitors to our community, which means more economic well-being. Bringing arts, culture, beauty, innovative activates to the community is very soothing and nurturing for all our souls, so we aim for an emotional well-being as well.”

“Instead of always underlining the problems Tamarindo has we are focusing on creativity, beauty, joy, our multiculturalism, our creative potential,” Depypere added. “Our dream for Tamarindo is to create an artistic enclave where artists of any discipline come and choose Tamarindo as their home long term, or just for a period of time. This way we can give a diverse identity to Tamarindo.”

One of the ways the Tamarindo Art Foundation hopes to accomplish this long-term goal is to create and build the Tamarindo Arts Academy. This facility would provide education in all disciplines of the arts including fine art, dance, music, theater, acrobatics, culinary arts and more. The hope is to use the same building to organize exhibitions the whole year round.

In conclusion regarding Tamarindo Art Wave, Depypere said: “What has struck us, the organizers of the festival the most last year, was how it united and uplifted the town. We have never seen such a joyous, happy Tamarindo before.”