A total of 23 public spaces in Guanacaste now have free Wi-Fi, thanks to a project by Cooperativa de Electrificación Rural de Guanacaste (Coopeguanacaste).

Coopeguanacaste, whose main activity in the province is providing electricity to more than 68,000 subscribers and the Parque Eólico Cacao (Cacao Wind Farm) in Santa Cruz, that produces enough clean energy to illuminate more than 20,000 Guanacaste homes, expects to expand the free Wi-Fi to 174 locations that include: public parks, train stations, public libraries and others nationwide, as it was also awarded to provide the service in 117 public places located in Alajuela and 4 in Heredia.

The impact of this program will be reflected in the benefit for 180,000 people nationwide, according to the Telecommunications superintendence, the Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (Sutel).

This project was awarded to the cooperative and is carried out through its Telecommunications brand CG Telecom. It is a program promoted by the Sutel and financed with funds from the Fondo Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Fonatel) – National Telecommunications Fund.