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5 Things to Know About the Instagram Algorithm

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Ever imagined how your Instagram feed, Stories, and Explore page keep changing every second? This is because of the new Instagram algorithm. An Instagram algorithm is a calculated tool that gauges the performance rate of every account on Instagram.

If you want to establish your business and gain Instagram followers, you need to work along with the Instagram algorithm.

Here in this article, we have curated the list of five topmost things you should know about the Instagram algorithm. From this article, you will learn the working mechanism of the algorithm, how it affects the engagement rate, and how you can work along with it to gain a wider reach on Instagram. So, let’s get started!

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  1. What is the Working Mechanism of the Instagram Algorithm?

The Instagram algorithm considers multiple factors to determine the performance of your posts. These include –

  • Engagement rate – It is the number of views, likes, and comments you receive on each post. The more you interact with your audience, the higher is your engagement rate. Besides this, the Instagram algorithm also considers the time duration within which you generate high engagement. This means that posts that receive engagement faster are prioritized by the Instagram algorithm.
  • Type of Interaction – Apart from engagement rate, the Instagram algorithm looks at the quality and frequency of your interaction with the audience. The more valuable relationships you build with your audience, the higher your post will be ranked on Instagram.
  • Post timelines – if you are very active on Instagram and publish one post every day, the Instagram algorithm boosts the recent posts and puts them in the forefront. However, if you do not post content every day, the posts with maximum engagement rate are given more preference.
  • Other factors that the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration are the type of content, the time spent on your post, the number of shares, search histories, and the personal interest of the users.

How do Instagram Algorithms Rank Different Engagement levels?

The Instagram algorithm does not rank every form of engagement equally. Comments are the most valuable form of engagement on Instagram because it shows that the user took out time and effort to write the comment on your post.

Second, comes the number of shares on your post through DM’s or tags. Likes are also very important to boost your content. They help you gain a wider reach on Instagram. You can use Instagram growth services to get instagram auto likes and shares on Instagram.

How to Optimize Your Posts for Instagram Algorithms?

As optimization of posts is crucial to maximizing your Instagram followers. In truth, using the best Instagram growth service often helps to get the target success.Create informative content and use editing tools to make your photos look attractive and polished. Use more visual aids, infographics, and animations to make your post more interesting.

Use trending industry-specific hashtags to target your audience and gain a wider reach on Instagram. Add interactive call-to-actions to increase engagement rate.

Another metric that you must consider while optimizing your posts is the time you publish the post. It is best to post your content at a time when your audience is most active. Look at data analytics and Instagram Insights to know the peak hours or user activity.

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How to Work Along with Instagram Algorithms?

The Instagram algorithm is your path to success. By finding ways to work along with the algorithm, you will achieve greater heights in your business. So what is the best way to work along with the Instagram algorithm?

First focus on the quality of your content. Create educational and informative posts that provide value to your audience. Brand promotions are good but don’t sell your products in each post. This will degrade the quality of your content leading to low engagement rates.

Second, understand who your audience is and what they like. The best way is to study your target audience through data analytics. Look at the demographics, understand what type of content they like, look at the times they seem to be most active on Instagram. These metrics will help you optimize your feed and grow your Instagram followers.

The next step is to collaborate with Influencers in your industry. Influencers are major allies that can expose your brand to a wider audience base. Moreover, Influencer is excellent in increasing engagement rate.

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How does Instagram Algorithm work for Explore Page or Instagram Stories?

The explore page is different for every user. The posts on the Instagram Explore page are selected based on the interest of the user and the people they follow on Instagram. Here, the Instagram algorithm tracks what type of content you like and what type of profiles you often visit. Based on this data, it organizes your Explore page and includes posts that you may find interesting.

Instagram Stories are also ranked on the top of the feed according to the algorithm. Instagram Stories that appear at the beginning of the row are usually from the accounts that you engage with the most.


The Instagram algorithm is one of the most crucial aspects of establishing your brand on Instagram. It is the key to get more Instagram followers. Often, your Instagram feed, Explore page, and Stories may seem random, but it is well organized according to your interest with the help of the Instagram algorithm. The above five points will help you understand the workings of the Instagram algorithm. Moreover, they will help you work along with it to maximize your reach on Instagram and increase your engagement rate.

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