Saturday 2 December 2023

5 things you should know to enjoy today’s (Saturday) eclipse

Only in Limón will the moon completely hide the Sun, while in the rest of the territory the event will be partial; Hotels already have “full” occupancy for the weekend, according to the Chamber of Hotels

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QCOSTARICA — It has been more than 3 decades since Costa Ricans had the opportunity to observe a solar eclipse. Today, Saturday, we’ll get to experience the same gorgeous astronomical event again.

However, on this occasion, exceptions apply.

These are the 5 things you should know to enjoy the event:

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  1. Ring of fire? For the entire country, the sun will be covered between 85% and 90% by the moon, except in the Caribbean, where you can see how the moon completely enters the sun, creating a “ring of fire”.
  2. Timing.  The astronomical event will begin at 10:15 am. and its peak will be at 12:01 pm, when the moon is expected to completely cover the solar disk. Nature will end its show at 1:45 pm.
  3. Total occupancy. If you think that by now you will be able to get room at hotel, in particular in the Caribbean province, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Chamber of Hotels already reports 100% occupancy in the Caribbean.
    “We are aware that lodging establishments in Limón and the Southern Caribbean will have full occupancy as a result of the eclipse and other festivities that take place during the weekend, which is very positive since this significant flow of tourists means a revitalization of the local economy and employment.
    “Given the high occupancy, we recommend looking for alternatives in less saturated places in the surrounding area, however, to avoid a negative experience, make sure before making the reservation that they are safe places and that they really exist,” said Flora Ayub, Executive Director of the Chamber of Hotels.
  4. Watch out for traffic. This is like all of the time, especially if traveling to Limon, which is a nightmare. Road repairs, constant closures due to weather conditions, and big trucks complicate the drive.And with the astronomical event, today you can expect more traffic than usual, so take precautions to arrive on time and enjoy the event.
  5. Take care of your eyes. Because the event will last more than 3 hours, it is essential to know that it, the solar eclipse, SHOULD NOT be observed directly. Protection should be used to protect the eyes, so should sunscreens to protect the skin.
When the Moon’s orbit is toward its minimum distance from Earth, the Moon will appear visually as a larger disk than the Sun.

How to see the eclipse protected?

These are some of the recommendations that experts make to enjoy the eclipse:

  • Use certified eyewear at all times
  • View for periods of 5 seconds and rest your eyes for 20 seconds
  • Certified sun filters can be used for cell phone cameras
  • Being exposed to the sun for so many hours, you must protect your skin.

Types of eclipse

There are several types of eclipse. Today in Limon it will be total, while in the rest of the country, it will be partial.

Total (total): This is when the moon completely blocks the view of the sun, revealing the sun’s outer atmosphere, or its corona.

Partial (parcial): This happens when the moon only covers part of the sun, the darkest shadow of the moon does not touch the Earth.

Annular (anular): When the moon does not completely cover the sun, leaving a “ring of fire”.

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