The number of vehicle crashes involving the train in 2018 was 85.

The good news is that the number, though it is still high, is much lower than the 156 in 2017 and 118 on 2016.

The bad news, five people lost their lives in the crashes. In addition, five pedestrians were fatally hit by the train, for a death total of 12 for 2018.

The national railway, the Incofer, reminds drivers to be respectful of the train and people not to walk on the tracks, using the tracks as their personal right of way, not minding that the train can come at any time.

It is expected that the train level crossings will improve the situation, that is reduce the number of crashed between vehicles and the train.

But, there is still the pedestrain factor.

55 people have been run over by the train in the last three years.