A high-pressure system is responsible for the cold and strong winds in most of Costa Rica since the beginning of the new year.

The phenomenon caused winds that reach up to 90 kilometers per hour in Guanacaste and gusts of up to 70 kilometers in the Central Valley.

In La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Varablanca de Heredia, a 13-year-old girl was struck by a fallen tree caused by the strong winds on Wednesday.

Paramedics confirmed that the young girl, an American tourist and whose identity has not been released to the public, had trauma to her head and due to her seriousness, was airlifted to the Hospital Mexico in San Jose where she died hours later.

A 13-year-old American tourist was airlifted to the Hospital Mexico after being struck by a fallen tree in La Paz, Varablanca de Heredia, caused by the strong winds on Wednesday. She died later in hospital. Photo Cristian Cartín

Susana Saravia, from the press office at the hospital Mexico, confirmed the death occurred at 3:20 pm, despite efforts to save her.

In San Pablo de Heredia a billboard gave way to the force of the winds and fell on the train line causing an interruption in the electric power in the area for most of the day Wednesday.

In Cartago, the winds caused the temeprature to dip to 13 Celsius (55 Fahrenheit).

The forecast more of the same for today, Thursday.

In addition, experts recommend taking measures to avoid skin damage caused by the sun.

The sun does not get cold with strong and cold winds. Some people think the sun gets colder with the cooler temperatures. But this idea is wrong.