More than 3 million passengers have used the Fénix wireless Internet platform, which is installed on some 400 buses in Costa Rica.

Luis Herrera, director de Fénix Ideas Lab. Esteban Monge/La República

Currently, the service is available in public buses circulating in San José, Alajuela, Heredia and, recently, in Puntarenas.

The people who connect to the network also have access to information about the bus company that transports them, their schedules and rates.

To connect to free Internet during the ride, users first see an advertisement before accessing the network for free.

“We have managed to understand many of the needs of users traveling by bus, so that the service is stable and provides a better user experience,” said Luis Herrera, director of Fenix Ideas Lab.

The company, of Costa Rican origin, has an excellent relationship with the public transport sector, which has facilitated its expansion to new routes, explained Herrera.