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Allison Bonilla case: Witness confirms that a suspect approached the young woman in a lonely street

Lawyer for the girl's family affirms that the evidence is sufficient to finger the suspect and that the judge did not even take into account the confession ordering six months of preventive detention

NationalAllison Bonilla case: Witness confirms that a suspect approached the young woman...

Lawyer for the girl's family affirms that the evidence is sufficient to finger the suspect and that the judge did not even take into account the confession ordering six months of preventive detention

(QCOSTARICA) “It seems to us a mockery on the part of the defendant’s defense (Sánchez Ureña) towards the authorities. The statement that he gave was spontaneous and voluntary, with the advice of his previous lawyer, in the presence of his previous lawyer and in a very formal setting.

Rodrigo Araya and Yendry Vásquez, Allison’s mother, seen outside the criminal court hearing room. Photo: Rafael Pacheco

“Now, since he has a new lawyer, there is a new strategy. As if someone could now believe him, but rather, the sociopathic mentality of this subject is revealed,” were the words of Rodrigo Araya Solano, the lawyer for the family of Allison Pamela Bonilla, criticizing the announcement that the only suspect in the disappearance and the confessed murder of Allison could change his version his plea to not guilty at September 28 hearing.

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Although searches have yet to find any traces of the young girl, Araya assured that this diligence and that the suspect changes his plea does not concern him, since the evidence in the case is strong enough to keep that 28-year-old resident of Ujarrás, the same community where Allison Bonilla lived, behind bars.

The lawyer said with or without a confession, the evidence is “objective and conclusive” and places the man at the time and place of the crime.

One of the key evidence in the case is the trace of blook found in the truck of the suspect’s car.

The lawyer, talking to La Nacion, said: “In this subject’s vehicle, a large amount of blood was found in the passenger seat, in the driver’s seat and above all, in the trunk. All that blood was subjected to DNA tests and that blood is of Allison (Bonilla) (…).

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“Additionally, a piece of cloth with Allison’s blood was also found in the trunk and it tested positive for the defendant’s, it was a piece of cloth to tie (Allison)”.

“There are videos that locate Allison (Bonilla) along with the suspect (Sánchez). Videos of the street where he passed, where his car is duly identified.

“In addition to that, there are three specific witnesses who saw Allison talking to him and one, specifically, saw her getting into the vehicle. Then, in addition to the DNA examination, the videos and the witnesses, it turns out that in the farm where the suspect said she had taken, raped, and killed Allison, the police found traces of Allison’s blood,” said the lawyer.

Given the evidence in the case, which was key to detaining Sánchez, the lawyer affirms that the confession only ratified the evidence that the OIJ had.

Sánchez Ureña, alias Sukia (in blue striped shirt) lived near Allison Bonilla’s home. On arrest, he confessed to raping and killing Allison, but with a new lawyer is now expected to recant the confession. Photo: Rafael Pacheco

In addition, the lawyer said that confession was not fundamental in the hearing requesting precautionary measures, the six months preventive detention (remand).

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“He can say one thing today, tomorrow another and then another, that this case is not even close to being founded on his statement, whether he confesses or not, all the evidence points to him as the murderer.

“The confession was a confirmation of what was already known, but obviously this is an intended mockery (of the process),” he reiterated.

Continued searches

Based on the confession Sánchez, searchers have been concentrating in the clandestine dump area of San Jerónimo de Cachí, where the suspect alleges he threw the body the same day, on March 4, 2020, he killed his victim.

The search is expected to continue today, Saturday, September 12. The last four search days had no results.

Given the terrain, with difficult access and weather conditions, the areas is not under guard, but authorities have called for collaboration to be provided in another way, with the aim that the scene is not altered, in case any indication of value is located.

At the moment, the judicial work is stopped, while the prosecutor in charge of the case analyzes the reports delivered of the search made, to determine whether or not to enter that point again.

Suspect is lying

Allison’s mother Yendry Vásquez, believes Sanches is lying and doubts that her daughter’s body (or remains) are in that place.

The woman, although is very close to the search efforts, continues with the faith that her daughter is alive and says she refuses to mourn Allison just yet.


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