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Allison’s mother reveals her greatest fear: “I feel like I can’t handle this anymore”

It has been 20 days and Allison is still missing. Yendry Vásquez, Allison’s mother hasn’t given up, she still continues to search her daughter, who has been missing since March 4 in Ujarrás, Cartago.

Allison has been missing since March 4.

With a lump in her throat, she claims to continue her search using the little energy she has left to leave the house on a daily basis, risking infection of the covid-19,  and try to obtain some clue that sheds light on the strange disappearance of her 18-year-old daughter.

However, for her, the greatest fear of her life, one that she never imagined even in her worst nightmare, not ever seeing her daughter alive again.

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“I am very afraid of not seeing Allison again, I feel like I can’t handle this anymore, I wake up every day before 4 in the morning thinking, we don’t sleep anymore in my house, this has definitely come to destroy my life and don’t know when I am going to wake up from this nightmare”, said Vásquez.

She constantly keeps ties with the Cartago office of the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ), however, the answer she gets is that there is nothing new and that the case is still open.

On Allison’s cell phone, and the possible last traces of Allison, the OIJ have not provided the young woman’s mother with any new information, other than in her last call to her family and voice message to her boyfriend saying she had the feeling she was being followed.

Currently, there is no official search for the young woman, but Allison’s family continues to leave the house to move about the Ujarrás area, hoping to find some trace. Some clue.

“We have been close to the Cachi dam, also through the Ujarrás viewpoint, and nothing, right now because of the country’s situation as it is more difficult, but we cannot stop looking,” says doña Yendry.

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The disappearance

On the night of March 4, Allison Bonilla Vásquez left the Colegio Nocturno de Cachí for her home in Ujarrás, but in the lapse of 10 minutes to reach her destination, she informed her family that there were two people she felt were following her.

The path Allison would take to get home from night school

She sent a voice message to her boyfriend, in which she said that “dos pintas estaban atrás” – two unsavory men were behind –  and that she was going to hurry because she was afraid of their presence.

After that, the young woman was never of again, she did not make it home nd to this day, her whereabouts are unknown.

The OIJ with the help of the Fuerza Publica (National Police) did a canvas of the area where Allison lives.

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After a week, the OIJ withdrew from the site and keep the case open in the event of any new information.

For now, there are no suspects. No possible hypotheses. And the anguish of Allison’s famil grows day by day.

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