Sunday, 5 July 2020

App Allows You To Leave Message Bypassing Conversation

Do you ever wish that when you call someone, you could just skip the conversation and leave their mobile phone a voicemail?

mzl.ymhfazuv.320x480-75While watching a recent episode of Rules of Engagement where the wife is frustrated that her calls to her husband, who is partying it up in a local bar to avoid baby furniture shopping, go straight to his voicemail. The wife then learns about “Shy Dial”, calling her hubby one more time knowing well the result and leaves her hubby a message about her old college roommate and fulfilling his long awaited fantasy of a threesome…you have to see the episode for the ending.

By now you asking what is Shy Dial? A Google search led me to the iTunes (Apple) store that, to my surprise, lists an app “Go2TheirVM“.  Could not find this version at the Android Market, though there is a listing of similar services.

Simply, the app allows you to call someone and skip the conversaton and their mobile phone a voicemail. But, does it work?  I quickly downloaded the app – it’s FREE – and was quickly voicemailing (if such a word exists) away. Well almost. Unfortunately, the App does  NOT WORK IN COSTA RICA.Not yet, anyways. Once I have this figured out, I will update this post.

- paying the bills -

So, for those of you in the U.S. with Go 2 Their Voicemail UNLIMITED, you can connect directly to a mobile phone’s voicemail box, with NO advertising, as many times you want!

Anytime you want to skip the conversation and just leave someone a voicemail.

– When you are short on time and don’t have time for a conversation.
– When you don’t want bother someone because you know they are busy.
– When you have more to say then you can fit in a text message.

Before you are able to use the App, you first need to enter in your iPhone mobile number. You can do this by clicking the Settings button and entering in your iPhone mobile number. Once you enter this information, you CAN NOT change it, so be sure to double check that all information is correct.

Then select the contact you want to leave a voicemail for or enter in the U.S. mobile phone number manually. We will connect you directly to their voicemail box so you can leave them a voicemail.

- paying the bills -

It does not work to landlines, prepaid mobile phones or to those using a third party voicemail system.

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