The traditional “Boyero” parade took place in San Antonio de Escazú on Sunday, with more than 200 oxen and carts participating in celebration of the Día Nacional del Boyero.

The strong midday sun was no impediment to the crowds that took in what appeared reminiscent of an Escazú of the not so distant past.

More than a few lining the sidewalks of San Antonio de Escazú (south of downtown Escazú, up the mountain) is sure to have lived in the “city of witches” when the oxen and cart were the major means of transportation and for many their daily bread.

The traditional parade was not just Boyeros, mixed in were the mascaradas (masquerades), the cimarrona and dancers performing national dancers.

Not be left out were the baby team of oxen and the dogs.

The Boyeor parade is a tradition that was started back in 1983. In 1988, the government declared the second Sunday in March the Día Nacional del Boyero.