Getting a taxi in Costa Rica is now only a click away on your iPhone or Android devicewith a new app by, that works to connect customers with taxi operators.

pasajero-screenshot-pedirtaxi¿Todavía llamás a pedir taxi? (Still calling for a taxi?) is the tagline used by the online service.

Getting a cab in Costa Rica is not always an easy task.For expats and visitors to Costa Rica it can be a daunting task, first having to find the number of a local taxi service, then deal with the constant busy signal and even more frustrating, the language barrier.

Many prefer hailing a cab off the street. This is fine in the city or small town centres, not really an option in rural or marginal areas, where taxis are few and far between. Also, hailing a taxi in the middle of the night or during rain is almost impossible, as for some unknown reason all those red taxi cars disappear.

Providing the dispatch an exact location is not an easy task. And then there is the matter of payment. Many taxi drivers will not accept a ¢10.000 colones bill. Forget about a ¢20.000.

TaxiTico uses the device’s GPS to give the taxi driver your exact location, all provided by automatically by the app. With TaxiTico you can also use your debit/credit card to make your payment.

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