Assailants stormed the El Dorado Casino in the heart of San Jose early Friday morning and killed a security guard.

The casino is located on Avenida 1, between Calle 3 and 5, in the old Banca Krystal building

The casino, located on Avenida 1 between Called 3 and 5 was hit minutes before 3:00 am by a group of up to 9 assailants, with firearms and threatening patrons and employees.

A security guard, identified as Edgar Martín Castro Naranjo, 52, who tried to foil the escape of the assailants was shot four times.

According to the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ), the guard was outside the building housing the casino, intervened when he realized the assault.

The robbers got away about 8 million colones (US13,000 dollars) and US$11,500 in dollars.

Including this morning’s homicide, the OIJ report 136 murders so far this year throughout the country.