A Canadian man suspected of causing a fatal traffic accident in which a young motorcyclist died was ordered not to leave Costa Rica, surrender his passport to authorities, sign in once a month at the Fiscalía (Prosecutor’s Office) and maintain a fixed address.

Vargas Núñez. Photo from social media

According to the police report, Gustavo Cetrola, 49, made an improper turn with his car and hit the motorcyclist. The crash occurred last Tuesday in Quebrada Gabado, on the Costanera Sur (Ruta 34), specifically in front of the La Ostra restaurant, near Tarcoles, north of Playa Jaco, in the province of Puntarenas.

The motorcyclist, surnamed Vargas Núñez and resident of San Ramón, died on-site while two minors who were traveling in the car driven by Cetrola were taken to hospital in delicate condition. One of them remains hospitalized.

Preventive measures are not uncommon in fatal traffic accidents; the surrendering passports and ordered to remain in the country are also a common measure applied to foreigners who are flight risk.