In the first half of the year, 48 environmental impact studies were presented for projects of street rehabilitation, construction, and expansion of highways in Central American countries.

The Inter-American Highway is a crucial transport link for the whole of Central America. In the photo, the Cañas – Liberia section in Costa Rica

The interactive platform “Construction in Central America”, compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData, includes an up to date list of public and private construction projects for which environmental impact studies (EIA) were submitted to the respective institutions of each country.

Panama is the country that from January to June concentrated the largest investment in new projects, with about US$1.625 million for the development of works focused on the rehabilitation of road infrastructure and the construction of new highways.

In Nicaragua, projects were announced that together add up to an investment of approximately US$769 million. The platform details that 47 road sections will be rehabilitated and 5 overpasses will be built.

Among the documents presented in Costa Rica are 12 EIAs for the construction of streets and bridges, which add up to an investment of close to US$644 million. In the case of El Salvador, from January to June three projects were processed for the expansion of road sections, which require a US$281 million investment.