TODAY COLOMBIA – As a security measure for Colombia’s presidential elections Sunday, the country’s land borders will be closed to one and all from 4am (local time) Saturday, June 14 to 4pm (local time) election day, Sunday, June 15.

The land border closure is by a decree of the Ministerio del Interior that affects all land border crossings, that includes the San Miguel, Putumayo bridge that links Colombia with Ecuador in the southwest of the country, as well as the bridge that connects the city of Villa del Rosario in Colombia’s northeast state of Norte de Santander with Venezuela.

On Sunday Colombia will elect its president for the next four years with incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos facing-off against hardline opposition candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, in a run-off vote.

Despite Zuluaga’s lead in the results on election day, May 25, neither candidate received the required 50% of the vote.

Polls open Sunday at 8am (local time) and close at 4pm (local time).

Important to note that the border closure does not affect arrivals by air or sea. The decree only affects land border crossings. All international airports in Colombia, including the three majors, in Bogota, Medellin and Cali, will all be open for arrivals and departures. The ports Bueneavanetura, Barranquilla and Cartagena, for example, will also be open.

According to a note from the Interior, land border crossings will only be allowed in cases of “force majuere”