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Convert your gas vehicle to a 100% electric here in Costa Rica

Converting a vehicle has a cost that goes from $10 thousand depending on the model

Paying the bills


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Paying the bills


QCOSTARICA — In a world looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives, converting vehicles from gasoline to electric has emerged as an attractive option.

Electroconversiones de Costa Rica offers the option of a green license plate for drivers who have a vehicle that is officially registered as electric. Image: La Republica

In a recent interview with César González of Electroconversiones de Costa Rica, La Republica explored the process, challenges, and benefits of this innovative solution.

From the removal of the combustion engine to the installation of an electric motor, the conversion process sounds simple in theory. However, the considerations behind this transition go much further and we will tell you about them here.

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What is the general conversion process that you follow to transform a gasoline vehicle into an electric one?

The procedure for changing to electric power is uncomplicated, where the combustion engine is taken out and replaced with an electric motor, regardless of whether the propulsion system is powered by gasoline, diesel, or combustion.

What vehicles apply for a conversion?

Any vehicle that has a maximum weight of 2.5 tons and is equipped with a manual transmission.

There is no age restriction for the projects we are working on, ranging from a 1968 VW Beetle to a 2003 Mini Cooper. We use a lithium-iron-phosphate battery, which has advantages and is of Class A quality, certified internationally for its superior quality.

What is the autonomy it offers?

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The range of autonomy lies between 75 and 200 kilometers, depending on factors such as weight or cargo capacity.

What considerations do you take into account to maintain the safety and efficiency of the vehicle after the conversion?

We do not intend to alter the structure of the vehicle. We are adding safety features and emergency switches in order to provide the highest level of protection in the event of a crash. Additionally, a battery management system has been installed to monitor the condition of the batteries.

We adhere to electric vehicle design regulations and mark high-power cables for easy identification. We consider weight distribution in order to preserve the driving experience.

Who is your target market?

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Those who possess vehicles that have been in their family for a long time may be emotionally attached to them, but if the vehicle is no longer reliable or has parts missing, conversion may be a good option. The car will look the same but be equipped with updated technology and mechanics.

Also, those who wish to decrease their carbon output do not add new vehicles to the existing fleet, instead, they reuse them.

Is there a guarantee?

We give a one year guarantee for components against manufacturing defects and a three year guarantee for the conversion.

The tribasic alternating current induction motor, a main controller, a Battery Management System (BMS), battery banks, and other components such as electric steering, are included.

In addition, there will be a saving og a lot of money in maintenance. The engine that we install, the manufacturer recommends a check-up every 8 or 10 years.

How long does it take to convert on average?

About 2 months.

And the load?

We do not utilize fast charging to keep conversion costs low, however, we do work with any standard connection point.

We have a good relationship with ELCO and they can take care of supplying a charger in your home.

What is the conversion cost?

The cost of vehicles varies greatly but generally starts at $10,000 dollars.


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Paying the bills
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