Costa Rican exporters are negotiating to change the frequency of the maritime route between Port Moin and Shanghai from monthly to weekly from February 2020.

The service began last September 22, when the ship of China Ocean Shipping Company (Cosco), shipping company of the Chinese government, arrived at the Container Terminal of Moin, and left on September 23 after loading products such as pineapple, banana, meat and orange juice.

As we reported last month, the new maritime will reduce transit time from 34 to 40 days to 22 or 23 days, the expected next service will take place on October 30th.

However, that is not enough for exporters.

Bonilla told RedaQted that the representatives of Cosco were explained the national efforts to open the market of the Asian giant and they were told that there is a strong interest that, from February next year, the monthly service becomes weekly.