The current reference prices present combined variation for gasoline and downward variations for diesel responds to a first partial agreement between the top oil-producing country (United States) and the second largest consumer of oil (China) and oil products worldwide.

From the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador, following are gasoline prices around the region:

Prices in USD Regular Special Diesel
Costa Rica 3.88 4.01 3.46
Nicaragua 3.53 3.77 3.34
Honduras 3.44 3.84 3.28
El Salvador 3.08 3.37 3.01
Guatemala 3.04 3.18 2.73
Panama* 2.83 3.04 2.72

*Prices taken from

In Comparison, the highest gas prices in the United States according to the AAA, is the average of $4.17 for regular in Califoria, compared to a U.S. average of $2.66.