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(qCOSTARICA) New rules govern activities and research in the area of ​​biomedicine, reopening up the country to investment in this field.

Because of its strong institutions in the health sector and its proximity to the United States, Costa Rica has always been conducive to the biomedical research field, but five years ago the activity was banned. The new regulation puts it back into operation.

From a statement issued by the Presidential Office of Costa Rica:

Biomedical research in Costa Rica has received the green light to once again become a prominent activity in the country, following the publication of the Regulations of the 9234 law which cleared doubts that remained after five years of stagnation due to legal issues.

Decree 39061-S, published in La Gaceta on Friday July 17, has made the rules clear, and authorities say the country has great potential in this field which must be developed in the short term through research and investment .