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Costa Rica pointed out the repercussions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Costa Rica also warned the UN about the situation in Nicaragua


QCOSTARICA – Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister, Arnoldo André, in his speech this Wednesday before the United Nations General Assembly, on behalf of President Rodrigo Chaves, referred to the repercussions caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its impact on poverty and the increase in fuel prices.

Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister, Arnoldo André, addressing the UN General Assembly

André also referred to the social and political situation in Costa Rica and called for support to address the migration crisis.

In addition, the Foreign Minister expressed the country’s intention to preside the UN Human Rights Council for the 2023-2025 period.

“Costa Rica is not exempt from challenges and gaps for the full compliance with human rights, the construction of a culture of peace and non-discrimination, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,” said André in his speech.

“We are aware that the fight against poverty, inequality, and exclusion requires Human Rights. These are not and should not be a stumbling block, they are nothing less than the only way”, he added.

André raised Costa Rica’s voice and asked the countries in the UN to eradicate nuclear weapons and reach peace agreements in the territories that are currently in conflict.

In his speech, the Foreign Minister also warned the UN about the current situation in Nicaragua.

President Chaves announced last Friday that, given the situation many Costa Ricans faced as the rains continue to wreak havoc in many communities, in particular, the past week in Desamparados and Aserri, he would postpone his trip to New York, which included his participation in the UN General Assembly.

“I postponed my trip to New York where I am going to participate in the UN General Assembly #UNGA77. Tomorrow I will follow up on the emergency caused by the rains of the last few hours. If necessary, I will make more visits to victims. May God bless and protect CR,” Chaves posted on Twitter on Saturday.

According to the initial plans reported by the Casa Presidencial, the trip would be from Sunday 18 to September 25. In addition, to the UN participation, would include at least 35 meetings.