Costa Rica will be the world’s No. 1 surfing destination, after covid-19

Costa Rica is predicted to be first country in the Americas to overcome the pandemic; 17th in the world

Surfers who will travel again in search of waves and also consider the sanitary measures carried out by country during the coronavirus, will find that Costa Rica is, today, the nation with the lowest mortality among the 10 favorite world destinations for to surf.

Roca Bruja, the aspirational destination for every surfer who arrives in Costa Rica. Photo

With a mortality rate of just 1.08% during the contagion days so far, Costa Rica is today, the ninth country in the world that has best treated the health emergency, but the first among the 10 most visited destinations for surfing reasons.

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Both National Geographic and other international media have repeatedly placed Costa Rica among the Top 10 of privileged countries to surf in their publications.

The other nine destinations are: Indonesia, Hawaii, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Brazil and Ireland.

However, Costa Rica, within that Top 10, is with the lowest mortality rate and with the least amount of infections in relation to the entire population.

Australia and New Zealand, would be the next two favorite countries to surf, with the best treatment of the health of its population during this historic pandemic that today totals more than 340,000 deaths worldwide.

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In fact, data from the DDI (Data-Driven Innovation Lab) of the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), predict that Costa Rica will be the 17th country in the world and 1st in America to overcome the pandemic.

Australia will be the fourth country in the world, while New Zealand the fifth, also to overcome the covid, according to DDI.

No secret

It is no secret to anyone that Costa Rica has been in the front of the international media for how it takes care of its citizenship, an action that will catapult it into the considerations of surfers and tourists in general to choose their next destination.

Recent data from the same Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) – Costa Rica Tourism Board, reveal that surfing tourism in Costa Rica represents between 15% and 20% of total visitors. This means that the number of surfers who visit the country each year exceeds half a million.

In fact, the good wave season has just started for the entire Pacific of our country with the arrival of the rainy or “green season”, where private companies have invested more in hotels and commerce.

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Precisely, for Juan Carlos Borbón, Director of Marketing of the ICT (Costa Rica’s Tourism Board), it is a pride that the perception of Costa Rica about the management of the pandemic is so positive in the world and without a doubt this will contribute to reinforce the positioning of the country as a destination to visit in the future.

With the support of our public relations and advertising agencies in the United States and Europe, we have shared interesting information about Costa Rica, its culture, people, tourist attractions, its beaches and its waves. Juan Carlos Borbón, Director of Marketing of the ICT

“We remained in mind the main source markets that consider us once it is possible to travel to Costa Rica, after we all learn to surf together this Covid-19,” he concluded.

Last Monday, May 18, the Ministry of Health gave the final green light to surfers in Costa Rica to return to using the sea and the beach, during time slots and during the week.

That day, despite speculation from part of the community that the government allowed them to surf only the dry tide, the quality of waves that broke along the Costa Rican Pacific, was Class A World, reports

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