Thursday, 2 July 2020

San José hotel for patients with COVID-19 without ties in the country was filled in less than 10 days

CNE rented the site in Sabana Sur for 40 people and they have already hosted 38

The hotel rented by the National Emergency Commission (CNE) for 40 patients with COVID-19 who are not rooted in Costa Rica or without a safe place to comply with their isolation order was filled in less than 10 days.

According to the CNE, the hotel located in Sabana Sur (the location was not disclosed for the privacy of the patients) was ready on May 13 and as of Thursday (May 22), there were already 38 people calling it home.

The amenities include a single room with a bathroom, food service (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks), laundry, cleaning and hygiene.

The monthly cost to be paid by the CNE for the accommodation of patients is ¢23 million colones, for a maximum period of three months.

- paying the bills -

Foreigner truckers testing positive and prohibited to enter Nicaragua, as well as people infected in La Carpio are part of those who currently occupy the hotel.

The Head of Operations of the CNE, Sigifredo Pérez, in charge of the project, explained that those who are located in this hotel are asymptomatic, but that they need to comply with their isolation in a correct and safe way to avoid the spread of the virus in the country.

The two requirements that were established for the transfer to this hotel are not having roots in the country and having a quarantine order issued by the Ministry of Health.

The entrance and exit to this lodging is dynamic, depending on the recovery of each, who are under permanent monitoring by health authorities. If necessary and if there is an evolution of their symptoms, they are transferred to the hospital system.

Those infected with COVID-19 who are sent to this hotel will not be able to leave the premises during their entire period of isolation.

- paying the bills -

Given the need for more spaces with accommodation and food services for those infected with the new coronavirus, the CNE is carrying on the process of seeking out more accommodations.

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