Sunday, 5 July 2020

Costa Rica will receive foreign patients with COVID-19 to treat them

(QCOSTARICA) Costa Rica will receive foreign patients infected with COVID-19 to treat them, at a time when every effort is made to contain the health emergency; This situation can destroy all that has been achieved so far and threatens to collapse the national health services. reports the news was confirmed after the United Nations (UN) announced that it reached an agreement with the government of Carlos Alvarado, who accepted to receive the UN officials from the entity, who need to be evacuated from the country where they are posted.

“On this agreement, it is reported that on June 19, a UN official was received from Haiti and will be teated at a private hospital in San Jose. The person is COVID-19 positive,” the office of Communication of the United Nations System in Costa Rica reported.

- paying the bills -

They added that the costs of transfers, hospitalization and health care will be covered by the UN private medical insurance.

The announcement comes as the country faces a second pandemic wave and 64 new patients with COVID-19 were confirmed this Monday; total infections are up to 2,277.

On June 11, Alice Shackelford, the UN’s resident coordinator in the country, stated that the UN will support the creation of the Health Cooperation Plan for the response to COVID-19 in Costa Rica and that Costa Rica’s “guard cannot be lowered,” however, what was announced Monday contradicts the statement of the UN representative.

- paying the bills -
- paying the bills -
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Q Costa Rica
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