Osa courthouse.
Osa courthouse.

The Tribunal Penal de Osa sentenced a couple to eight years in prison each, for trafficking in persons to the detriment of a Dominican woman, forced into prostitution.

The arrest was last May, in a bar in the community of Venecia de Osa, in Costa Rica’s southern zone, where the woman was  being held against her will and forced to have sex with customers.

The bar had no sign on the outside. There were no chairs and tables. Only rooms and multiple bathrooms.

Investigators learned that the woman – her identity was not released to the press – had been offered work by the couple, also Dominicans, in their restaurant.

The court learned that the had paid her own way to Costa Rica by way of Nicaragua and once in Costa Rica, she was forced into prostitution, was abused and denied basic necessities.

The couple, identified by their last names, the man Grullón and the woman, Concepción, charged customers from ¢10.000 to ¢70.000 to have sex with the woman.

Source: CRHoy.com