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Dr. Daniel Salas, Costa Rica’s Heartthrob!

Wear it, eat it! the Minister of Health is on all kinds of products mainly bought by women in Costa Rica

Today Costa RicaPura VidaDr. Daniel Salas, Costa Rica's Heartthrob!

Wear it, eat it! the Minister of Health is on all kinds of products mainly bought by women in Costa Rica

Dr. Daniel Salas, the Minister of Health, has become a heartthrob of sorts in Costa Rica, besides seeing him daily on national television, providing us an update on the coronavirus pandemic in the country, his image is everywhere, from doll figures to women’s pajamas.

Dr. Daniel Salas, Minister of Health and Costa Rica’s Heartthrob

His mug can be found on a cup, on a cake, on personalized products mostly sought after by women … who, since March 6, became the most important figure in the fight against coronavirus in the country.

A definite favorite is the women’s t-shirt combo by One3 Taller Serigráfico, which features the minister and with the words, “He is the only man who can prohibit me from leaving the house“.

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Given this, Salas assures that he appreciates the comments and all the positive things that people highlight about his work, but he is not alone in the management of the crisis, it is a work of dozens of people.

“Many people are working on this and we break our souls for all of you. I am proud that people respond to and understand the message. Let’s not throw in the towel, please,” he said.

Karla Solís, owner of One3 Taller Serigráfico, located in San Rafael de Coronado and who for the last 4 years has been dedicated to selling personalized items, said: “When the quarantine started, sales dropped a lot and that made us lose a lot of income. The business was run by my boyfriend, Andrey, and myself and we saw an opportunity in women, because some admire the work of the minister, but there is also a reality and that is that there are women who are physically attracted to him.”

Mostly women over 40 are buying the two-piece pajama set says its creator

Solís said they did not want to sexualize the image of Salas, but rather highlight the Minister’s recommendation not to leave home. So they created a two-piece pajamas, on the blouse there is a photo of the minister and in the shorts, there are viruses, prohibited logos, and soap. They sell for ¢ 9,000.

- paying the bills -

“People have been amused by the reaction of some people about the measure of not leaving home. For this reason, we talked with the person who helps us with pajamas and we found it interesting to make the garment alluding to the minister and we did not imagine the boom that this product would have,” she assured.

On Friday, April 24, a sample of the pajamas was uploaded to social networks and more than 20 people ordered it, most of them ladies over 40 years old.

Doña Yamileth and her daughter María Garita are the owners of La Quequería, a dream that was born 8 years ago and with which they try to sweeten the lives of their clients every day.

María expressed that her mother also does housework and because of the pandemic she lost her job.

“She tries to see the positive side of things and since we have this additional business, we wanted to do something different, as a tribute to the minister, for being the person who has taken the lead in this difficult situation,” said Maria.

Let them eat cake

The ladies came up with a cake featuring the good doctor, the first one on Sunday, April 26, the day after he wore for the first time the fuscia t-shirt at the press conference.

- paying the bills --

Within hours of they has numerous calls for more cakes.

“The start of the cake is the minister, we made a figure with fondant icing (pasta Australiana  in Spanish) that you can eat and we have already received several orders. The outside cake is the same for all sizes, what changes is the flavor. You can choose from choco mint, vanilla, filled with dulce de leche and each one costs ¢30,000,” she indicated.

Seidy Obando says she was asked for a gift basket some friends and thinking about the isolation and the situation the country is going through, it occurred to her to make “survival” kits.

She is the owner of Esencia Creativa and thought that these gifts could be a saving grace for her clients in times of the coronavirus and therefore, she did not think twice about putting together a kit that would be liked by her clients.

“The kit contains snacks, popcorn and chocolates because at this moment where we all have to stay at home, these products are ideal to watch a movie, to share with the family.

All you need to survive the pandemic

“In addition, I wanted to add a cup with the image of the minister, because he is the most talked-about figure in the country at the moment and I put gel alcohol on him, because, without a doubt, he is one of the most used products at this moment ”, he added.

Obando added that two weeks ago she published it on her Instagram account and to date has had orders for 45 kits. And who bought them? You guessed it. Women.

“Each kit costs ¢10,000 and most have been requested by women over 25 years of age. People are struck by the minister’s cup and I sincerely appreciate that in this difficult time for the economy, people continue to buy our products,” she said.


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