Yo Yo Politics. For the second time in less than a week, Dr. Rodolfo Hernadenz has quit, again, as presidenital candidate for the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC).

51193_620The announcement came shortly after noon today and confirmed to CRHoy.com  by the Mario Redonet, president of the PUSC

Last Thursday, the good doctor threw in the towel, alleging betrayal, envy, egotism and backstabbing. He returned on Saturday after stipulating conditions.

According to CRHoy, rumours of a pending resignation surfaced Tuesday night. This morning the news could not be confirmed, however, neither Dr. Hernandez nor any member of the group close to the former candidate would deny it.

The details of the resignation are not yet known.

The resignation leaves the PUSC party with only six days to come up with a new candidate or sit out the 2014 election. The deadline for candidate registration is October 15.

The PUSC is a political party in chaos. In 2010, the party was left in a similar situation when then party president, Luis Fishman, took up the role of candidate, declaring himself the “menos malo” (least bad) of the candidates seeking election.