Early Sunday Morning Crash On The General Cañas Leaves One Dead, Another Seriously Injured

This is the second similar crash at the same point on the highway


For the second time in a month (to the day), at around the same hour, mostly likely for the same reason, with the same results, and at the same spot, the Autopista General Cañas becomes the scene of a fatal traffic accident.

It was shortly after 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning when the driver of a vehicle loses control and crashes against the guardrail and takes out the bus stops, immediately past the Orlich bridge in front of Plaza Real Cariari, Alajuela bound.

On March 15, a driver lost control and hit the median. At the same spot, across from Sunday morning’s crash.


In both cases the vehicle flipped, the drivers strewn onto the road, suffering “injuries incompatible with life”, while the passenger remained trapped in the vehicle.

In both cases, transit authorities suspect excess speeding and road conditions, the cool morning air making the road slick, the driver unable to either negotiate the turn or avoid a slow vehicle ahead blinded by the bridge.

At this point in the Autopista is four lanes, the posted speed is 90 km/h for the left lane, slower for the right lane. But, in the wee hours of the morning, with little vehicular traffic, the General Cañas becomes a speedway for some.