Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Family defends itself against assertions of Health Minister of holding a “baby shower’

This is the ignorance of people, nobody knows what happens until it reaches you. The mother of the pregnant woman says it was not a baby shower, but a visitor to their home days before the alleged party, who was infected

A Pavas family linked to the infection of 15 and 8 other suspected spoke out against the assertions by the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, made on Sunday.

During the Sunday noon presser, Dr. Salas said a baby shower, with some 50 people in attendance, was the cause, reiterating his call this is not the time for big parties

The mother of the pregnant woman has another version.

According to what the woman, she told La Nación, the infected are currently 9 of the 11 members of her family, who live in the same house, and was not due to a baby shower, té de canastilla in Spanish, but rather an “autoté”, that is, they visited other families by car to collect gifts.

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This Pavas resident said that, at home, they were infected when on June 11, they had a visit of a relative who did not know that she had had contact with an infected person.

Days later, this relative came tested positive for the COVID-19, so they alerted the people they had come into contact with.

The woman said that 11 people live in the house that the person visited, including several seniors and the pregnant young woman. She was the first with symptoms such as a sore throat and fever.

“The neighbors know that we are neat, but unfortunately the person came infected and that is something that one can no longer avoid. She was in contact with my parents and my daughter,” said the young woman’s mother.

In response, an ambulance transferred the young pregnant woman, 36, to the San Juan de Dios Hospital, where she was tested.

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According to the girl’s mother, at the end of the testing, health authorities asked the young woman to return home on her own to wait for the results, so she had to take a bus.

“I do not understand about the Ministry. We report on the case, the ambulance immediately comes for my daughter with the protocols and everything, they take her, they do the sample and they sent her home by bus,” said the lady.

Days later, on Thursday, June 18, they confirmed that she was positive for the COVID-19 and the doctors came to the house to test the other 10 living in the house and finally, this Saturday morning they confirmed that eight more were found positive.

The mother and one of her brothers are still awaiting the result and are in isolation.

“We are all fine, no one is in bed, no one is critical,” she added.

Two days after the infected person’s visit to their home, on Saturday, June 13, the family carried out an activity that had been planned for weeks ago, due to the impossibility of having a baby shower.

- paying the bills --

This is the ‘autoté‘, which consisted of visiting the people who gave their address to collect gifts. Approximately 15 people participated in this activity.

“We know that we are in the middle of a pandemic, that is why we tried to do the ‘autote’, but that day was not the day of contagion and, obviously, if we had known that she was infected, we would never have had the ‘autote’,” she assures.

The mother claims that her pregnant daughter did not even greet people with a kiss during the tour and only took photos.

“We opened the gifts in the house, and only those of us who lived here were present. But anyway, they say that the virus takes five days to manifest and the ‘autoté‘ happened eight days ago and they are all fine, none have symptoms, or anything; unfortunately, it was when the visit to the house came and left us the virus,” she commented.

“I do not understand why it was that they (the Ministry of Health) said that (that there was a baby shower and that they are infected), we as responsible people. I said to the doctor ‘what worries us is that the infected came here to the house and we had contact with other people’, but at no time did my daughter go around kissing, or anything, for the same situation ”

According to the mother, the problem is that, since the minister gave the news this Saturday, the attacks have not stopped and her daughter has been molested on social networks and by phone.

“They are exposing my daughter. She is emotionally sick and that is what worries me. They are attacking us, they are judging us and one knows that this is going to happen because if it had been another family, maybe even we would have done the same to other people. But this is the ignorance of people, nobody knows what happens until it reaches you,” she said.

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