(QColombia) The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People”s Army (FARC-EP) announced today a unilateral ceasefire in that South American country that will be valid for 30 days, starting from December 15.

FARC female fighter. Archive photo.
FARC female fighter. Archive photo.

Pablo Catatumbo, member of the FARC-EP negotiating team, made the announcement after the 16th round of talks with the Government of President Juan Manuel Santos, which have been developing for a year at Havana’s Conference Center.

He said that was the insurgency’s response to an old national demand and expects that the Government repays ordering a halt in its offensive, he said.

He highlighted that the ceasefire sets the insurgent stance, faced with what he called rules of the game of President Santos and defined as strange cocktail of dialogue and death.

Government delegates could not be consulted about the guerrillas’ decision, because they refused to participate in the joint negotiation table, as it traditionally happens after every round of negotiations.

An attack yesterday in Colombia that caused eight deaths, mostly military men and police agents, heated the atmosphere in the talks in Havana.

Faced with absence of Government representatives, Ivan Marquez, head of the FARC-EP delegation, read the second joint report of the Table, about the second point of the agenda: the guerrillas’ political participation.

The document includes progress in the issue, including guarantees to parties and opposition social movements and the new democratic foundations that will guarantee peace in that country.

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