Some 200 people were the only present at the march of “United for Costa Rica yes to democracy” (Unidos por Costa Rica sí a la democracia) in support of the government of Carlos Alvarado.

Carlos Alvarado did not take part in the march in support of his government. File photo.

The group began their march at 10:00 am at La Merced Park in downtown San Jose, moving along Avenida 2 to the Plaza de la Democracia.

The group identifies itself as autonomous but is similar to the Costa Rica Coalition that helped Alvarado win the presidency.

Unlike the large multitudes to take part in the protests of the last couple of weeks, few were on hand in downtown San Jose on Sunday in support of the president

“We defend our institutionality, defend our Democratic State, defend the veracity and transparency of information, defend our little piece of blessed land,” the group wrote on their social networks.

Organizers said that people from hours away such as Guanacaste and not as far Pérez Zeledón attended the event.

Singing the national anthem and traditional songs and carrying the flags of Costa Rica, the group defended the democratic institutionality represented by the Executive Power, though not necessarily agreeing with the management of the country by the president, who has given in to certain issues.

“We march united Costa Rica. Let’s not allow our country to fall, much less into the hands of people who live by lies, deceit, who foment hatred, who break the sovereignty and democracy of Costa Rica, who want to destroy brotherhood, tranquility, freedom,” said the invitation to the event.