The annual Gordo Navideño lottery was drawn Sunday night, with a winning grand prize of ¢1.2 billion colones going to number 67 with series 615.

logo_nacionalSecond prize winning numbers is 17 with series 656, and third prize 72 with series 976. Click here for all lottery results.

The Junta de Protección Social (JPS) – state lottery – shortly after the draw confirmed that the numbers were in the hands of winners, the tickets purchased in San José ((Pavas, distrito Catedral, Santa Ana, distrito Hospital) and Alajuela (centre, San Carlos, Orotina).

Lottery ticket sales picked up in the last couple of days, with some 93% of all issued tickets sold. Lottery vendors had complained the week prior to last, as ticket sales did not go above 60% an the majority of the numbers purchased were “low”. Costa Ricans typically purchase their ticket with the number “low” (from 0 to 50) or “high” (51 to 99).

The low ticket sales was also worrying JPS officials, they did not want a repeat of last year when the Gordo tickets were not sold, prompting calls of a “fix”.

This morning lottery tickets for a “consolation lottery” that will be held on Sunday, went on sale.