An American woman “threw herself to the wolves” when she called police of to report an assault on her house, for when the officers came to her rescue they also discovered the woman had a marijuana lab in her patio.

Police responding to a robbery found a marijuana lab by the woman who had called them. Photo MSP

This was Sunday night, minutes before 10 pm, in the community of Cajón en Bolivar de Grecia, in Alajuela.

When the officers arrived at the woman’s house responding to the call, the woman, identified by her last name Atchinson, told the officers that thieves had tied her up and stole cash and jewellery.

With her permission the officers entered the house to review the scene of the crime and to their surprise, inside one of the rooms, they found several jars with marijuana plants.

This raised the suspicion of the officers to check the house from top to bottom, until finally in the patio, where they found a controlled environment laboratory for the cultivation of marijuana.

Photo Ministerio Publico

In the lab they found 30 jars with “cripy” marijuana buds,. According to authorities this drug is genetically altered to cause more intense effects, so it can be 10 times more potent than common ‘mota’ or weed in Spanish.

In addition to taking the complaint about the assault and robbery, the officers called the OIJ to take sieze the laboratory.