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Guide to mail order brides: best countries, how to find, tips & tricks

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Paying the bills


Have you ever thought about mail-order brides? What does the idea of having a foreigner as your wife mean? Are these girls legitimate or is it another overhyped concept of international dating?

Who are the mail-order brides? These are the ladies you can date and meet in real life through certain services. What does it mean to order a wife? Essentially, you are paying a fee for flying your girlfriend over, nothing criminal or weird. This has nothing to do with slavery and sex work, for sure. But what are the odds of meeting someone legit over these sites?

Today we are going to break down all the truth about mail order wives.

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Top 6 Legit Mail Order Bride Services

These are all the top-rated dating sites to meet an order bride:

Bebemur is a social platform for international communication between foreign women and American/European men. Here, you can meet Slavic women and invite them over to your country for a serious relationship.


Mamba is a top Russian dating site where you can meet mail-order brides, as well as friends and even business partners. This site is most popular with Russian and Ukrainian women.


It is one of the best dating sites for finding a Russian wife because most of these girls opt for a serious relationship. You can meet women from Eastern Europe as well.


Badoo is a dating site for flings and relationships, perfect for a foreigner to meet a Slavic wife. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarus women, and other nationalities adore this site.


This site is a part of the infamous Russian portal, so you know it’s legit. Here, you can text foreign women from Russia and Ukraine and ask for a real-time meeting.

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Sweetydate is a relatively new resource that helps foreigners seek a relationship with a Slavic girl. This site is wildly popular among Eastern Europeans, Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarus women.

Pros of Mail-order Bride Services

Will mail order brides websites bring you more benefits or issues? Let’s compare and check, starting with the obvious pros:

  • Dating a foreign girl is hot

Russians, Ukrainians, and Eastern Europeans are hot. These women are good on every level imagined, starting with their bomb appearance and continuing with the inner world. These women are the trophy wives everyone wants to know better.

  • You don’t have to do anything

On the contrary to usual Internet dating, here, you don’t have to slave away trying to woo a foreign girl and helping her with all types of documents. If you don’t want to do all of that stuff by yourself, allow a team of qualified professionals to deal with the bureaucratic side of the issue.

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  • Almost of 100% chance of meeting someone

Because the meeting is arranged and paid for, your counterpart will appear right at your doorstep, as if you were ordering pizza. There are no ditching partners because you are setting an obligation.

Cons of Mail-order Bride Services

Okay, so where is the downside?

  • These services are somewhat pricey

Yes, costs of mail order brides may be significant but think about it differently. If you are planning a date in real life, you never know how much you will dish out. These are unexpected spendings. With mail-order girls, you have everything laid out with no last-minute surprises. Additionally, good services are costly anyway.

  • It may take you some time

Because there are so many contestants, you will find it hard to find someone within the first week. And even if you do, it might take her over a month to be in your country. But what are you waiting for? Exactly, a one-time opportunity and a possible partner for life! Way better than opting for a first best thing and then regretting it afterward.

What features do mail-order services typically offer?

What possibilities will you be presented with on mail-order brides dating sites?

  1. Successful and precise search

Because search engines can be mediocre on usual dating sites, fee-based mail-order sites have professional consultants to assist your every need, learning about your preferences and finding someone legit way faster than you would normally do manually.

  1. Translator’s help

Everyone knows that international relationships can be confusing because the language barrier gets in the way. But with the help of a qualified translator, your communication will be on point. These people are present on command, interpreting only the topics you need assistance in.

  1. Transportation

If you deal with a real-time connection without mail-order services’ help, flying a girl out to your country can be a bummer, especially if that’s her first visa. But don’t sweat it; mail-order services include documents and paperwork into their fee.

How much are mail order wives?

The price of mail-order brides can greatly differ depending on the country you chose and the service you’re using. When it comes to ordering a Slavic wife, your bill will start at $3,000. On average, you can call it a basic fee, translator included.

But if you want to add some more presents and compliments for the girl, that would add a couple of thousand to your bill. An average service with presents will be around $5,000.

But if you want to be a real gentleman, your fee is unlimited. It all depends on the ticket cost, hotel class, and your imagination.

Is it legal to mail order a bride?

Mail-order brides used to have a different connotation. But nowadays, it is nothing more than dating. There are no rules against similar dating sites as long as you don’t abuse a foreigner on the territory of your country. There are no constitutional bans or rights to promote mail-order brides. Consequently, it is neither legal nor illegal.

What is the deal with mail-order brides?

Mail-order brides are women who strive for a better life in all senses. You might think they just want to link up with a foreigner to flee their country. In reality, all these women want is a stable and adequate relationship with a man who’s willing to reciprocate. If a girl doesn’t want to deal with her fellow guy, chances are, she doesn’t like the mentality and relates to your country’s traditions more than her own. Additionally, they want someone who knows how to court and provide a stable relationship.

How successful are mail-order marriages?

When it comes to statistics, more than 80% of mail-order relationships last. What is the deal with this success? Why do these marriages end up more stable than with fellow women from the same origin? The reason why men tend to find mail-order brides effective is time spent together online. People who meet each other over the Internet spend more time chatting and getting to know each other. Why is that? When couples fastidiously hook up in real life, they don’t have many chances to hit it off before they become uninterested. But with online connections, since these two don’t have access to each other, they invest in a more meaningful connection on a spiritual level, leading to a more stable marriage.

Where do people get mail-order brides?

People get mail-order relationships by signing up for international dating services and joining platforms. One way you can get the best mail-order brides is through the dating services listed above. These are the best places to seek an arranged marriage with all documents done and no fuss included. But if you want to use usual services like Tinder, you can arrange a similar meeting as well, although you would have to take care of all the documents yourself.

What is the divorce rate for mail-order brides?

When it comes to mail-order relationships, the stats are better comparing to usual real-life marriages. For instance, the divorce rate for such marriage stays between 35 and 41% while real-time marriages end in 48% of cases. Although the difference is not that huge, you can tell that a longer courtship time leads to a better relationship because both parties take more time to get to know each other.

What kind of men get mail-order brides?

Who are the people that vigorously want to obtain an international bride? According to the dating sites research, these are single men between 40 and 65 years old, most of which have already been in a marriage. Some men have one to two children. Statistically, these are men who are dissatisfied with the local dating scene or people who don’t believe in same-age marriage. Many men practice age gap relationships, which is completely fine for dating sites as long as it is mutually consensual. Many gentlemen agree to wait for a bride for a couple of months if it means obtaining a stable relationship. Many confess they would rather spend a year in a long-distance relationship than opting for a mediocre partner who will break their heart. These single men usually want women slightly younger, from 25 to 45 years old.

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Paying the bills
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