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Health issues new guidelines for sports, beauty salons and food services

Measures coincide in more signage for visitors, maintain a minimum distance between people, provide cleaning options for visitors and staff and multiply cleaning tasks.

HealthHealth issues new guidelines for sports, beauty salons and food services

Measures coincide in more signage for visitors, maintain a minimum distance between people, provide cleaning options for visitors and staff and multiply cleaning tasks.

The Ministry of Health issued guidelines on Monday afternoon for establishments that provide food services, beauty salons and even people who want to play sports.

All of them emphasize strict rules of personal hygiene and of the implements for each activity, as well as ensuring the distance between both workers and clients.

In restaurants or home delivery or take-out services, sanitary equipment must stand out, dispensers filled with, antibacterial soap, alcohol gel, paper towels for drying hands and a trash cans with pedal-operated lid. Maintenance, cleaning, disinfection of the premises must be ensured with a visible logbook.

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Likewise, it recommends that the handwashing station be activated automatically (with pedal and sensor) and place dispensers with alcohol gel in the access area to the food service and in the cash register or pay areas and entry/exit points for use by staff and customers.

Signs should be in place to remind customers to apply alcohol gel to their hands when entering and leaving the premises, and to keep these alcohol dispensers in good working order and stocked.

  1.  Limit the maximum capacity of the food service to 50%, as well as of common areas such as roof terraces, ranchos, event rooms, patios and dining rooms. Companies may implement other, more stringent indications, as long as what is indicated by the Ministry of Health is complied with.
  2. All information that is transmitted to both workers and clients must be from the Ministry of Health.
  3.  If possible, the company should cancel staff meetings until further notice and adjust to the measure of 50% of the capacity of the room where they will be held.
  4. If the company has an elevator, restrict the number of people using it. This according to the size of the elevator and considering a distance of 1.8 meters between people.

Beauty salons and barbershops. Authorities request these establishments to intensify cleaning and hygiene measures, especially on surfaces that are frequently handled, such as handles, reception desks, counters, showcases, shelves, chairs, tables, computer equipment, dataphones, among others.

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They must keep tools and work equipment properly disinfected and, in addition to the general cleaning of the premises, when deemed necessary, clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that come into contact with customers.

It is recommended to serve customers only through prior appointments, this in order to avoid crowds within the premises. If this is not possible, in the waiting room or lobby, it must be ensured that customers maintain the correct safety distance of 1.8 meters between person and person.

It is recommended to establish a different schedule of care for vulnerable sectors of the populations such as seniors, chronic patients and people with special needs.

Other guidelines for include:

  1. The personnel who work in barbershops, hairdressers, beauty centers, due to their proximity required for the service, must wear a mask or face mask, glasses or masks at all times.
  2. After attending to each client, disinfect the area and work tools and use gloves, face masks and cutting layers, disposable sheets or use disposable paper, different for each user.
  3. Cloths, capes and sheets that are used with each client must not be reused. A paper collar or, in its absence, toilet paper should be used as a collar between the layer and the client’s skin.
  4. Perform the handwashing protocol after going to the toilet, before eating and after coughing or sneezing.
  5. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  6. Used lenses or masks must be washed with soap and water after use with each client, so it is recommended that good quality resistant lenses or masks be used.

Food processing plants

  1. In these facilities, Health requests the placement in visible spaces signs with protocols for sneezing and coughing, hand washing, other ways of greeting, not touching their faces and what are the populations at risk.
  2. Permanently stock in bathrooms for employees and the public toilet paper, antibacterial soap, disposable towels for hand drying and gel alcohol.
  3. Depending on the type of activity, mark areas that indicate the social distance between clients within the establishment. Also place at the main entrance of the facility and customer service area, dining rooms if any, dispensers with alcohol gel for the use of customers.
  4. Limit the use to a maximum of 50% of its capacity, the areas of attention to the public, areas of common use such as recreational or sports areas, meeting rooms and dining rooms.
  5. If the company building has an elevator, the number of people must be restricted when using it, according to its dimensions and keeping a distance of two meters between people.
  6. If there is a food preparation area and a dining room, it must comply with the general guidelines mentioned above for food services and the attention of external clients through scheduled appointments must be individual.

To carry out sports individually or as a family, the Ministry asks that if you are going to practice sports such as cycling, athletics, tennis and others in public spaces allowed open, distance yourself from other people at least 1.8 meters.

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If you go jogging, running, biking, walking and such, also keep the minimum distance of 1.8 meters from other people who do not live with you.

Surfing, for now, remains without authorization.

“If you go out with children, take care that they follow the prevention guidelines previously exposed”, cites this part of the guidelines.

In the case of cycling and tennis, disinfect the bicycle and all accessories before and after use.

The practice of sports must be carried out without companions.

The Ministerio de Salud guidelines can all be found here (in Spansh)



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