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How the Proliferation of 5G Technology is Disrupting the Business World

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5G technology is everywhere at the moment and has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years. In this article, we’ll be exploring how 5G is going to help the business world and what the potential benefits could be.

We genuinely believe that 5G would be the next big thing if it isn’t already, and whether you’ll use it to gain an edge in the market or just to play some virtual bingo, we’ve got you.

What is 5G?

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Having a good understanding of what 5G technology is is key if we are to understand the ways in which it can help businesses take their game to the next level. It offers much higher speeds than previous iterations and can be a really useful tool if you need data access here and now.

In addition, it has significantly lower latency, meaning that there is a shorter delay between when a person performs an action and when they see the result on their screen. This makes it perfect for when users need real-time responses, such as when you’re trading or working in high-stakes places where milliseconds can mean a lot.

One of the most significant advantages of 5G is that it allows for far more devices to be connected to the internet at any one time than 4G or earlier technologies did. This is because 5G uses a different part of the radio spectrum to previous generations, meaning that there is more available bandwidth.

How Can Businesses Use 5G?

There are countless ways in which businesses can make use of 5G technology and while there are probably too many to say in a single article, one of the main ones is in the automation space, whether it’s related to AI task completion or any other automated functions that require high-speed connectivity.

Another possibility is using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for training purposes. We’ve seen situations where companies have given employees VR simulations of difficult customer service scenarios before they have to deal with them in real life. The low latency offered by 5G would also make these applications much smoother and more realistic.

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5G could have a big impact on live streaming, especially as we move away from the traditional office. The higher speeds and lower latency offered by 5G would make it possible to stream high-quality video without any lag or buffering, which would be ideal for events such as conferences or concerts.

It means you can live and work anywhere, taking the office across borders with you or giving your team the ability to join in even if they can’t make it into the office. If you need time away so you can unwind but can’t get the time off work, you’re now able to jump on a jet and work from any spot that has 5G connectivity.

5G could also be used to improve the efficiency of office buildings by making it possible to connect a large number of devices wirelessly. This would include things like printers, security cameras, and even coffee machines. If you need things to happen fast, when it matters most, then this connectivity could be your best friend.

The potential benefits here mean it would save businesses money on installation and maintenance costs, as well as make it easier for staff to move around the office as they wouldn’t be tethered to a desk by cables. If you need access to good internet without being bogged down by hardware, 5G has got you.

How Can 5G Be Disruptive?

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5G has the potential to give a tonne of power to data cloud companies because of the additional storage and processing capabilities. We’ve seen cloud computing and data management explode in the past few years and with the invention of 5G technology, this is only going to get bigger.

This means that companies able to adapt to cloud operations, or those waiting for it to happen already, are able to gain a noticeable advantage in the market. Companies that this could include are likely to be operating in the membership management, data processing, and customer experience industries.


5G is set to have a big impact on the business world in the coming years, with many different applications for the technology already being trialled or used on a limited basis. The most significant benefits are likely to come in the form of improved efficiency and reduced costs, although there are also many potential uses for things like live streaming and VR simulations.


With 5G networks set to roll out across the world in the next few years, we can expect to see even more innovative uses for the technology emerge as businesses start to take advantage of its capabilities.


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