Friday 3 December 2021

How to Continue Learning German If You Live in Berlin

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Berlin is the place to be: the best parks, cinemas, concerts, and cultural life attract many students every year. COVID-19 has changed the situation a bit, but in general, not much.

The city can distract you from learning. It is why we made a list of tips on how to continue learning German even if you are in the heart of the country.

Remember Your Motive

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Motivation and desire are critical factors in any endeavor, and learning German is no exception. The first and significant step is to determine the motive, that is, you need to imagine why you need to learn German, you have to know how to ask questions in German at least!.

There is a desire to achieve this goal from a correctly set motive and a formulated purpose. Even psychologists advise you to print out a short formulation of your explanation and hang it in those places in the house where you are most often.

Get rid of the myth that German is tough to learn. Any language is complex at first glance. German is a unique language, and if you remember the rules, everything will go like clockwork since there are not many exceptions. Learning German is not as difficult as some students think, especially if you hire a private German tutor.

Change Media

Buy Spotify with recordings in German, and it can be both audiobooks and music discs. The benefits will be enormous even if you play them in the background. You will get used to the rhythm of the language, pronunciation, intonation. For many young people, a good motivation for learning a language is the music of their favorite German band, the text with which you want to understand and sing along.

Watch films/cartoons / TV series in German with the subtitles in your mother tongue. There is a study in two directions – you hear and you see.

Talk to Strangers

Get to know other people who speak better than you and whose language level is higher than yours. It is essential always to have someone nearby who can help you if needed. Try to memorize words and sentences immediately with the correct German pronunciation as much as possible.

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It is better to memorize the phonetic pronunciation correctly from the beginning because it is challenging to relearn. You can get acquainted with new words, read the transcription, or listen to the pronunciation in audio. Sometimes mispronunciation can lead to misunderstandings or embarrassment. There are words in German that Berliners only can teach you how to spell and pronounce. Don’t be afraid, and you can do that!

Set Time for the Language Learning

Constant exercise is also vital. There are many Internet pages where you can learn German online. They are structured interestingly so that the student does not get bored with learning the language. The big advantage is that learning German online is almost free. You don’t need to buy textbooks – go online and do all the exercises.

Spend at least thirty minutes studying the language every day, whether it’s a grammar exercise or a cartoon in German. The most crucial thing in any language learning is consistency. Less is better – but daily than large volumes, but with long breaks.

Visit Entertaining Places

Don’t let yourself get bored. Add new elements to it: games, music, online communication with native speakers, films as soon as self-study of German becomes uninteresting. Don’t let boredom break your desire to master the language. There are so many friendly and fun places to visit: books club, cinema club. Go for a walk, and you pop round to the meeting of great Berliners.


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Living in Berlin is an exciting experience, even if you know the language. Arriving there, some may forget about learning the language. We hope these tips will help you get back on track and continue learning German.

The best way to learn German is to immerse yourself in the language environment fully. One month of intensive communication with a native would get you quickly and farther than if you studied the language at home without contact with the country and the language.

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