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How to make the Instagram algorithm work for you: how to increase your IG profile visits

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For a long time, the buzz on Instagram has been more on getting likes and followers, with only a few people talking about profile visits. Profile visits show how many people checked your profile within a period (usually seven days), so your follower increase rate directly depends on your profile visits.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

Not everyone who visits your profile hits the follow button, but with a well-curated feed, you can expect at least 10% of those who visit your profile each month to convert to followers.

So, the question is, how do you increase your Instagram profile visits? We have a handful of tips and hacks to answer this question.

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Tips to Increase Instagram Profile Visits

Increasing yew would mean stepping up your whole Instagram game because it affects even your likes and followers. Increasing profile visits would mean stepping up your whole Instagram game because it affects even your likes and followers. A non-follower would not be able to like your posts until they click on your profile and then scroll down your feed. That single act of clicking on your profile would count as a profile visit so you can see that all the strategies are pretty much intertwined.

  • Interact with other people on the platform. Social media is called social media because it was designed to get people to socialize with each other on a platform. You can’t stay in your zone and expect the world (on Instagram) to find you magically or just pray that your page goes viral for some reason. There are over 1 billion people on Instagram, so you should know that the chances of ever going viral are slim. However, you can put your name and face before many people by going out of your comfort zone to interact with them and engage with their content.

In recent years, engagement metrics have shifted from just likes to more comments, saves, and shares, so hitting the heart button may not get you any attention. Go ahead and leave meaningful comments on posts that you like but don’t stop there. Hit the share button and mention the creator so that they can see it in their notifications tab and DMs. This would trigger them to want to check out your profile, which was the goal all along.

  • Turn on post notifications. Now, turning on post notifications alone wouldn’t bring you any attention because Instagram doesn’t notify a creator when you turn on their post notifications. Nonetheless, turning on the notifications would let you know when a creator posts, and you could engage with their content within the first couple of minutes after they post it. Many people (especially those with a large following) engage more with the first set of people who engage with their content before moving on to do something else.

This is obviously closely tied to the engagement and interaction tip mentioned earlier but engaging at the right time is also key. Once a post exceeds 24 hours, the creator may not notice any more engagements that the post gains, especially if they post a lot. The Instagram notification section has a limit to the number of notifications it shows, so you want to show up fast and at the right time.

Image by raphaelsilva from Pixabay
  • Follow relevant accounts. One mistake, or should we say, a trick that many of us used to gain followers when we first got on Instagram was to follow almost every account that the Instagram algorithm recommended. While this helped us gain many followers fast, it didn’t turn out to do us any good in the future.Most of the accounts who follow or follow back as a result of your spontaneous following do not actually like your content, and as such, the possibility of them engaging with you would be low, but if numbers are all you want, then you can go ahead and follow as many accounts as possible every day. Remember that Instagram has a limit to the number of accounts you can follow, and once you reach the limit, you would get a temporary ban on following any accounts for the day.

If, on the other hand, engagement and interaction are what you desire from the people who visit your profile and follow you, then you would have to put more effort into intentionally searching for accounts that resonate with you and your mission on Instagram. When you follow a good number of accounts in a certain niche, the Instagram algorithm would automatically begin to recommend similar accounts to you without having to search for them yourself. The more accounts you follow, the higher your chances of having your account being recommended to others.

  • Buy real profile visits. You could decide to hop on the follow for follow train or, even better, gain real profile visits with less effort. InstaGrowing offers Instagram users the opportunity to buy real profile visits at very affordable rates. This not only increases your profile visits but also saves you the time spent searching and following new accounts every day.
  • Tag relevant accounts to your posts. The emphasis here is not relevant because when you begin to tag people who clearly aren’t interested in your post or have nothing to do with it, you may be asking to be blocked by them. Say, for example, you are an artist. Search for keywords that have to do with the type of art content you upload and follow some of the accounts that pop up under the keyword. Try to make some form of initial contact with them by engaging with their posts and sharing them before going ahead to tag them in your art posts. Note that some do not appreciate the tags, and if they make that clear, then don’t tag them so that you don’t get blocked. However, you could try tagging smaller accounts as these are less likely to block you from tagging them and more likely to check out your post and profile.
  • Collaborate with others. When you begin to interact with other users on the Instagram platform, you build connections that you never thought were possible, especially when you have similar interests. As this connection grows, you could introduce yourself to their audience by working on projects together. It could be a single post, a series, or even a really big project that could take longer than just a couple of phone calls. If your values and interests are similar, there’s a high probability that their followers would love your content just as much as they love the other person’s.

Collaboration is one way many people grew their accounts, especially in 2020, when almost everything went virtual. Instagram friends hosted live sessions together, made guest posts on their pages, did Instagram takeovers (which is a deeper level of collaboration), and just had fun introducing their audience to new people and vice versa.

  • Posting at optimal times. When you go through your Instagram analytics, you would see a tab that shows you what time your followers engage with your posts the most and on what days. This statistic gives you a time range for optimal posting hour. You should understand that this doesn’t mean that you would always get high engagement at that specific time, but once you train your audience to see a post at specific times, they begin to look forward to your content whenever the time approaches.
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So, how does this convert to more profile visits? Well, when you make a post, Instagram recommends it to a select few of your audience first, and if this group of people does not interact well with your post, the algorithm recognizes it as invaluable and therefore reduces the reach from thereon. If, on the other hand, these people interact well with it, the algorithm would recommend it to more of your audience who may be willing to also engage with and share the post. By doing this, your page would get seen by non-followers who would then decide whether to check out your account or not.

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay
  • Use your stories. Instagram stories aren’t just another feature for show-off sake. Many people have built deeper connections and made sales just from their Instagram stories. Little wonder about half a billion Instagram users post to their stories every day. Your story is a place where you could be more vulnerable, controversial, or just goofy because not all of your followers would see your stories. This sounds counter-productive for someone trying to get more profile visits but sees how it works. When you begin to build stronger connections via stories, your followers begin to promote your content and page even without you having to ask them to. People love content that makes them feel valued, and when you share that via your feed and stories, you don’t have to think so much about the algorithm.

Getting profile visits, like every other metric, is not a walk in the park, but with a list of options to choose from, you have the luxury of choosing the one that would be more productive for you. If you have a job and maybe run a business on the side, trying to engage with creators and monitor your notifications may drastically affect your work. In this case, buying profile visits would be more profitable for you, except, of course, you don’t mind sacrificing your work for Instagram.

Besides getting thousands of profile visits recorded, you could also build lifelong connections by implementing some of these strategies, so it is a win-win for all. So, you no longer have to wish and pray to the algorithm to favor your page. You can now optimize your page for traction wherever you are.

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